Depression Symptoms

Just as it is common for different types of symptoms to occur in individuals that have various illnesses and diseases, the same holds true for individuals that are suffering from depression. Some of the most common symptoms that some children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly face when they are depressed are as follows:
  • They often feel pessimistic
  • Feelings of being irritable
  • Sadness and low mood levels
  • Thought processes that are slow
  • Physical reactions that are often slow
  • Very little interest or joy from hobbies or activities that used to provide lots of enjoyment
  • Often interpreting sensorial stimuli very slowly
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Thoughts of being inferio
Know more about other types of depression and their symptoms-
  • Common Symptoms of the Illness Known as Depression
  • There are different degrees, of which an individual may suffer depression, and not every person will experience the exact same symptoms.
  • Major Depression Symptoms
  • Major depression is a serious disorder that can cause individuals to experience a wide variety of different symptoms.
  • Minor Depression Symptoms 
  • Minor depression is a mental health condition that numerous individuals suffer from on a daily basis. However, this form of depression does not generally affect normal routines of their life.
  • Mild Depression Symptoms
  • There is a variety of symptoms that a person will generally experience when they are suffering from mild depression.
  • Clinical Depression Symptoms
  • Clinical depression is one that can be extremely dangerous when it is left untreated. Another common name that is used by many people to describe this condition is major depressive disorder.
  • Medical Depression Symptoms
  • When an individual begins feeling the symptoms of medical depression, it may be very hard for others to notice.
  • Common Symptoms of Dysthymic Disorder
  • As with other forms of depression, there are specific symptoms that can generally be noticed in individuals that have dysthymic disorder.
  • Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder
  • The symptoms of bipolar disorder have affected millions of Americans. A person’s energy level, mood, and their ability to be able to function.
  • Symptoms of Manic Disorder
  • Manic disorder, a condition that is also known as bipolar disorder is a medical condition that affects millions of people in today’s society.
  • Reactive Depression Symptoms 
  • Reactive depression is very common in a person that has lost a loved one, a marriage has been interrupted, or financial crisis has occurred.
  • Symptoms of Endogenous Depression
  • Endogenous depression is a condition that is considered to be hereditary, and there is a variety of different symptoms that individuals generally experience that are used to characterize this type of disorder.
  • Symptoms of Postpartum Depression
  • Postpartum depression is a common condition that a wide variety of different women suffer from after they have carried a baby for 9 months, gone through painful labor pains, and then given the birth to a baby.
  • Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • There are numerous individuals that end up suffering from the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.
  • Childhood Depression Symptoms 
  • If you are a close friend, close relative, sibling, or the parents of a child, it is important to become informed of the symptoms that are associated with the disorder that is known as childhood depression.
  • Moderate Depression Symptoms
  • Individuals that are suffering from the symptoms of moderate depression will often experience the same types of symptoms that an individual with mild depression suffers from;
  • Symptoms of Atypical Depression
  • There are some symptoms that are associated with atypical depression that are just like the symptoms that are associated with other forms of depression.
  • Symptoms of Psychotic Depression  
  • Psychotic depression is commonly referred to as the most severe and serious form of major depression.
  • Symptoms of Depression from Physical Disease
  • It can often become very depressing when an individual has to deal with symptoms of a specific type of illness, disease, or the pain that is often caused from various types of long-term injuries.
  • Symptoms of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder 
  • Many women are able to tell when symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder are about to occur. Some of the warning signs that are generally followed by the symptoms of this type of disorder would include nausea.


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