What are Common Symptoms of Childhood Depression?

If you are a close friend, close relative, sibling, or the parents of a child, it is important to become informed of the symptoms that are associated with the disorder that is known as childhood depression. This is because most children do not have the knowledge to know that something major could be occurring, and they simply do not realize the importance of turning to someone of authority for help. Some of the most common symptoms that children can suffer from when they have childhood depression are listed below.
  • Acting distant towards members of the family, as well as their friends
  • They will often not have an appetite at all, or they will be continuously hungry
  • The constant feeling of being fatigued
  • A lack of interest in various types of hobbies and activities that they used to get a great deal of enjoyment from
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • The normal levels of social involvement that they engage in is decreased
  • Feelings of excessive sadness
The biggest factor involved with effectively being able to decrease the amount and the severity of the symptoms that children experience with childhood depression, is identifying the problem causing symptoms.

Common Treatment Options for Individuals with Childhood Depression.

When you have a child that is suffering from the symptoms that are most commonly associated with childhood depression, it is very important to know everything possible about the treatment options that are available today...


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