Common Reasons Why Numerous Women Suffer From Depression

There are a variety of different factors that contribute to the countless number of women that end up suffering from the symptoms that are commonly seen in various forms of depression. Some of these factors would include hormonal imbalances, various problems that can occur with functions that the body’s system performs naturally within the reproductive system, pregnancy, infertility, menopause, responsibilities they face within society, cultural obligations, poverty, psychological abuse, and physical abuse that would include victims of rape. There are many women that often feel extremely overwhelmed when they find themselves facing one or more of these problems. Then in other women, the symptoms they are suffering from depression are often compounded because of the struggles they are facing in trying to be a successful professional, mother, and wife, all at the same time.

There are numerous women that also end up finding that they are stuck i…

What Does Medical Depression Mean?

Medical depression is a condition that is not always easy to diagnose. Before a physician or psychiatrist is adequately able to diagnose depression, there is a variety of different factors and possible causes that will need to be thoroughly examined. Some of the causes of medical depression would include stress factors that often arise during the common struggles of raising a child, a marriage that has fallen apart, or the loss of a close loved one. Generally individuals that suffer the symptoms that are associated with medical depression will show extreme changes in their mood. Mood swings, problems with sleeping, changes in the appetite, feeling tired all the time, and losing any desire to engage in hobbies, activities, or family outings that used to cause joy, are just a few of the common symptoms of this type of illness.
Medical depression can last several months, or even several years. Other factors that can make this condition worse is poor eating habits, …

What Does Clinical Depression Mean?

Clinical depression is a serious medical condition that is also commonly referred to unipolar and major depressive disorder. This type of disorder is progressive, which means that over time, the symptoms can become much worse.

In many cases of individuals that suffer from clinical depression, it will often lead to the person harming their own body, it can lead to an excessive use of alcoholic beverages, and it can also end up in substance abuse. In extreme cases, the individual may even begin to have suicidal thoughts. Because of this, it is extremely important for this type of depression to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

It is not at all unusual for people with this type of depression to isolate themselves from close friends and members of the family. Some of the common signs that you should watch for would include extreme feelings of being sad, and the depressed person will …

What Does Masked Depression Mean?

There are several different types of symptoms that a person may experience when they are suffering from depression. In some cases, depression symptoms can be masked behind various other types of physical disorders and conditions that the individual is also experiencing. This is a problem that often causes the depressed person to focus on the physical problem that is happening,
Muscle painHeadacheIndigestionStomach acheGastrological disorders rather than focusing on the depression itself. There are many people that simply do not realize they are even suffering from depression because they are so focused on specific problems that are going on with their health. This is the type of situation that the term ‘masked depression’ refers to. There are several different types of physical conditions that depression can be masked behind and a few of the most common are listed below.
Even mild depression is a condition that can emerge into a more seriou…

What Does Catatonic Depression Mean?

Catatonic depression is a term that is commonly used by several different mental health professionals and family health care providers to describe a very serious form of depression that can affect every single aspect of an individual’s life.

Catatonic depression is an extreme condition of depression that makes it utterly impossible for the person suffering this type of depression to have the ability to achieve even the smallest of regular daily activities. This can include work obligations, daily responsibilities within the home, and a variety of other important tasks that need to be done on a daily or routine basis. There are several different symptoms that a person might experience when they are suffering from catatonic depression. Some of the most common symptoms that are often associated with this serious form of depression would include the following
Phrases, words, or movements that the individual continuously repeatsFaci…

What Does Mild Depression Mean?

Depression is a condition that as many as 15 million Americans suffer the symptoms from every single year, and there are several different types of this condition that people suffer from. According to the American Medical Association, there are as many as 18% of all Americans that will end up suffering from mild depression at one point or another during their lifetime.

When individuals that suffers from mild depression, they still have the ability to carry on with daily routine activities that are either not possible or are extremely hard to achieve with other forms of depression. Although many of the symptoms that people generally experience when they have mild depression are just like those that individuals experience with moderate or severe depression, they are experienced at a much lower severity.

With mild depression most people only notice a minor difference in their sleep patterns, eating habits, the level of energy that they have, slight decreases in jo…

How Infertility Can Give Rise to Depression in Women

Thousands of women end up facing the cold hard fact that they are not going to be able to experience the process of carrying and giving birth to a newborn baby simply because of being infertile because of various types of problems that can occur with the reproductive system. This is often very hard news to take,especially in women that have had the lifelong dream of having their own baby. There are also a countless number of women and couples that end up spending a large sum of money on various types of medical procedures, in the hopes that the procedures they undergo will provide them with the extra help that they need to ultimately become successful in the delivery of a bouncing bundle of joy.

In some women these procedures are not effective, and some women simply are not able to try various procedures because of medical issues they have. Facing the fact that you are infertile is very hard on some women and it can ultimately cause very seri…