What Does Medical Depression Mean?

Medical depression is a condition that is not always easy to diagnose. Before a physician or psychiatrist is adequately able to diagnose depression, there is a variety of different factors and possible causes that will need to be thoroughly examined. Some of the causes of medical depression would include stress factors that often arise during the common struggles of raising a child, a marriage that has fallen apart, or the loss of a close loved one. Generally individuals that suffer the symptoms that are associated with medical depression will show extreme changes in their mood. Mood swings, problems with sleeping, changes in the appetite, feeling tired all the time, and losing any desire to engage in hobbies, activities, or family outings that used to cause joy, are just a few of the common symptoms of this type of illness.
Medical depression can last several months, or even several years. Other factors that can make this condition worse is poor eating habits, not living a healthy lifestyle, drinking large amounts of alcohol, not getting adequate amounts of sleep at night, and not engaging in a regular schedule of physical exercise and physical activities. The good news is there is help available.   


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