What Does Catatonic Depression Mean?

Catatonic depression is a term that is commonly used by several different mental health professionals and family health care providers to describe a very serious form of depression that can affect every single aspect of an individual’s life.

Catatonic depression is an extreme condition of depression that makes it utterly impossible for the person suffering this type of depression to have the ability to achieve even the smallest of regular daily activities. This can include work obligations, daily responsibilities within the home, and a variety of other important tasks that need to be done on a daily or routine basis. There are several different symptoms that a person might experience when they are suffering from catatonic depression. Some of the most common symptoms that are often associated with this serious form of depression would include the following
  • Phrases, words, or movements that the individual continuously repeats
  • Facial expressions that are abnormal
  • The unwillingness or inability to speak at all
  • An inability to show reactions to any situation
  • Movements and postures that are inappropriate
If you notice any of these symptoms of catastrophic depression, it is very important to seek medical attention as soon as possible


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