What are Common Symptoms of Individuals with Psychotic Depression?

Psychotic depression is commonly referred to as the most severe and serious form of major depression. Out of every 250 people, one person ends up suffering from the symptoms that are associated with psychotic depression. When a person suffers from this condition there are some common symptoms that generally occur. Some of these would include the feeling or the belief that the delusions they are experiencing are real, when they are not. This is a symptom that some individuals who have bipolar also experience when they are in a state of depression. In some instances there are even some patients that have mild or moderate depression that will experience episodes of psychotic depression. The most common symptoms that individuals usually experience when they have psychotic depression are the delusion of feeling guilty, having paranoid hallucinations or delusions, problems in being able to fall asleep, feelings of irritation or agitation, and the feeling as if there is something majorly wrong with their physical condition.

Because individuals that have the condition of schizophrenia also generally have delusions, psychotic depression is a condition that is at times misdiagnosed. That is why consulting with psychiatrists that have expertise with this condition is extremely important.


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