What are Common Symptoms of Mild Depression?

It is highly likely that every single person comes into contact with an individual that has mild depression, or suffers from this type of condition themselves. This is because there are as many as 18% of all Americans that suffer from the symptoms that are associated with this form of depression, according to the American Medical Association. There is a variety of symptoms that a person will generally experience when they are suffering from mild depression, and some of the most common symptoms are listed below.
  • Minor changes in the individual’s attitude and mood changes
  • A small impact on the person’s job performance
  • Minor changes in the regular eating habits of the depressed individual
  • Slight changes in the amount of time the person devotes to various types of activities and routine physical exercise
  • Minor interruptions in the individual’s normal sleeping habits
Although many of the symptoms that a person endures with mild depression are comparable to the various symptoms that are seen in patients that are suffering from moderate and severe depression, the individual with mild depression will only notice slight or minor changes in different areas of their moods, habits, and their lifestyle.


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