What are Common Symptoms of Clinical Depression?

This specific type of depression is one that can be extremely dangerous when it is left untreated. Another common name that is used by many people to describe this condition is major depressive disorder. There are many symptoms that characterize clinical depression, and some of the most common symptoms are listed below 
  • Marked changes in the appetite may be noticed, as individuals with this disorder generally lose their interest in even their favorite food items.
  • You will notice an impairment in their ability to concentrate
  • Drastic changes in the individual’s personality are generally noticed
  • Sleeping regularly generally becomes a huge problem. They often have problems sleeping at night, and tend to want to sleep all throughout the day
  • In some cases promiscuity is a big problem
  • Pleasure is generally a luxury that the clinically depressed person does not feel, even in hobbies and activities that they used to enjoy very much
  • They will usually begin isolating themselves from close friends and family members
  • Alcohol and substance abuse is a big problem with clinical depression
  • Extreme feelings of helplessness and hopelessness
  • In extreme cases suicide thoughts and attempts can occur


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