Common Symptoms of the Illness Known as Depression

Just as it is common for different types of symptoms to occur in individuals that have various illnesses and diseases, the same holds true for individuals that are suffering from depression. Some of the most common symptoms that some children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly face when they are depressed are as follows:
  •     They often feel pessimistic
  •     Feelings of being irritable
  •     Sadness and low mood levels
  •     Thought processes that are slow
  •     Physical reactions that are often slow
  •     Very little interest or joy from hobbies or activities that used to provide lots of enjoyment
  •     Often interpreting sensorial stimuli very slowly
  •     Feelings of guilt
  •     Thoughts of being inferior
There are different degrees, of which an individual may suffer depression, and not every person will experience the exact same symptoms. Where one person may experience just a few of the above symptoms, there are others that may experience several of the symptoms. Depression is also an illness that can range from mild to severe. Individuals with mild depression may simply notice an annoyance throughout their day, while serious cases of depression can cause individuals to be completely unable to engage in almost any activity.

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