What are Common Symptoms of Manic Disorder?

Manic disorder, a condition that is also known as bipolar disorder is a medical condition that affects millions of people in today’s society.  Not only does it affect the person that is suffering from this condition, but also other lives that surround the individual.  When a person has bipolar disorder, they are often unable to complete their daily activities.  In today’s society however, this condition is controlled with medication and treatments.

It is very important to understand all the common symptoms of manic disorder and control it at an early stage.  The most common symptoms of this disorder is a shift in a person’s activity level and their mood swings.  When a person is experiencing these mood swings, they may also cause trouble within other people that surround them. 

Common symptoms of manic disorder are:
  •     High self-esteem
  •     Rapid speech and thoughts
  •     Optimism
  •     Aggressiveness
  •     Euphoria
  •     High energy level
  •     Difficulty sleeping
  •     Anxiety
  •     Guilt
  •     Helplessness
  •     Hopelessness
  •     Lack of energy
A person might notice just a few of these symptoms during the depressive phases of this type of disorder.


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