What are Common Symptoms of Individuals with Atypical Depression?

There are some symptoms that are associated with atypical depression that are just like the symptoms that are associated with other forms of depression. However, with atypical depression there are also some common symptoms that an individual suffering from this type of condition generally experience that are much different than the common signs of depression. Some of the most common signs and symptoms that you should look for in an individual that may be suffering from atypical depression would include the following:
  • They will often show a pattern of being extremely sensitive to personal situations of rejection. These feelings can often cause problems in their working environment, as well as with social activities that they are involved in.
  • Their symptoms may appear to improve while engaging in activities and family gatherings, as they are able to feel happy and enjoy themselves while they are around other people.
  • Feelings of sadness and deep depression return when the patient is alone or a stressful event occurs.
  • Gaining excess weight because of an increased appetite.
  • Feeling the need to sleep longer than 10 hours each day (hypersomnia).
  • Leaden paralysis felt in the limbs.
In 1998 Dr. Andrew A. Nierenberg, associate director of the depression clinical and research program at Massachusetts General Hospital, published a study that found 42% of participants suffered from atypical depression, 12% had melancholic depression, 14% had both depression subtypes and the remaining did not suffer from depression.


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