Women’s Reproductive Systems and Depression

There are a variety of different physical and behavioral changes that most women face because of natural functions of the body that occur during menstruation of the reproductive system. Although the symptoms of these changes may not be very severe in some women, there are others who experience severe symptoms that occur on a regular basis.

Two of the conditions that a large number of women face today that involves phases of the reproductive system would include PMS or premenstrual syndrome and PMDD that is otherwise known as premenstrual dysphoric disorder. The symptoms of these conditions will generally become noticeable during ovulation, which is a week prior to beginning the menstrual cycle for many women. Symptoms will generally worsen until the individual starts menstruating.

There are current studies that are being conducted to gain information as to how the increase and the decrease of estrogen and various other types of hormones that occurs during menstruation has an association with depression and brain chemistry changes that may occur during this time. A person should seek professional guidance and help when they first begin noticing that the symptoms of depression are becoming bothersome and having an effect on their daily life.


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