What Problems Can Serotonin Deficiency Cause?

One of the most valuable chemicals found in the human body is serotonin. This particular chemical is found in the brain and has many benefits such as promoting regular sleep patterns as well as balancing stress levels and moods. There are several things that can change the levels of this chemical including high stress, sleep deprivation and low exposure to sunlight. Alcohol and prescription medications may also play a part in lowering levels of serotonin. When there is a deficiency of serotonin in the brain many problems can occur. Some of the most common problems that surface when a deficiency of serotonin levels occurs include excess fatigue, problems sleeping, low self esteem, lack of impulse control, depression and anxiety. Low levels of serotonin can also affect how a person acts or thinks.
Among these the most common problem associated with serotonin deficiencies is problems with persistent depression. There are many ways to deal with the problems associated with serotonin deficiency depending on the severity of the symptoms, ranging from prescription medications to natural remedies. In mild cases simply changing little things about your lifestyle may be helpful in raising serotonin levels back to a healthy level.


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