What is the Impact on People with Depression?

The impact depression can have on a person depends a great deal on the severity of the illness that they have. For example, an individual that may be suffering from mild depression may still experience many of the symptoms of depression, but they are often still able to manage engaging in daily activities and their normal work schedule.

However, in individuals that experience severe depression, it is often hard for them to achieve even the smallest of responsibilities such as household chores, grocery shopping, and other things of that nature. Many times when people are suffering from severe depression, they have a lack of will to do much of anything, which includes things of importance like doctor’s appointments, eating healthy meals, or even taking care of hygiene needs.

Often times they will withdraw from friends and even members of their family. Some people may feel as if depressed individuals do not care about the state of mind that they are in, but the fact of the matter is they are often in such a state of depression and confusion that they may not even realize how serious their condition is, or the serious health problems it is capable of causing.


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