What Factors are Involved that Cause Depression?

There are many different types of depression that a person may end up suffering from, and each type of this illness can be caused from a variety of different factors. There are some people that simply have a chemical imbalance within the body’s system that causes them to suffer from this illness. In other cases the cause can be from a devastating event that has happened in the person life. Physical diseases or illnesses are often a problem that results in individuals becoming depressed, especially when the condition they suffer is long-term, and this is one of the most common forms of this particular illness. Stress and anxiety are also factors that can cause depression, especially in cases where it causes the individual to have problems with getting an adequate amount of sleep, which over a period of time can result in depression.
Some cases of depression that are not caused by any of these factors are generally determined as being a hereditary condition. An unhealthy lifestyle is also a factor that contributes to depression. This includes drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, consuming foods that do not provide any nutritious values, and not engaging in an adequate amount of exercise.

Can Brain Trauma Cause Depression?

There have been various types of brain damage injuries that have shown to increase the chances of an individual suffering from the symptoms that are commonly associated with mental health illnesses such as depression.


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