What Does the Dysthymic Disorder of Mono-Polar Depression Mean?

Depression is a well known illness that affects the daily lives of thousands of children, adults, and elderly individuals that are located all around the globe. There is a wide variety of different types of depression that people can suffer from, and there are some forms of this illness that are categorized in subtypes. 

When an individual shows to have purely depressive type symptoms, it is known as mono-polar depression. When an individual suffers from mild symptoms of this type of depression that does not have a drastic effect on the routine aspects of their daily lives, then it is referred to as dysthymic disorder. In more severe cases, people often find it very hard to engage in even the simplest of daily responsibilities, activities with family or friends, or even have the ability to perform responsibilities on their job.

However, in cases where an individual only suffers from mild symptoms of depression, they are generally able to continue participating in all of the regular activities of their lifestyle. A few of the most common types of symptoms that a person might experience with this type of depression would include bouts of tearfulness, insomnia, and pessimism.


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