What are Common Symptoms of Depression Caused from Lifestyle?

There are many different symptoms that an individual might face due to habits that have been formed in living a poor lifestyle. A healthy diet is something that is important for every individual, and is not always a priority to some individuals. This is a problem that can lead to people that become overweight, and there are others who will become severely underweight. An adequate level of exercise is another factor that the body’s system must have in order to perform various functions that are needed for good health. When a person does not exercise regularly they often begin to feel tired all the time, and they simply will not be able to find the energy to engage in normal activities and social events that they used to be involved in.

A lifestyle that involves large amounts of alcohol or illegal drug substances can also have a huge affect on a person, and end up causing feelings of guilt, hopelessness, and helplessness. As a result of each of these factors, individuals often suffer from symptoms that include problems with sleeping, negative attitudes and thoughts, sadness that is followed by bouts of tearfulness, and changes in the person’s overall mood.


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