Is there Warning Signs That Others May Notice in Depressed Individuals?

In a variety of different medical illnesses and conditions there are various signs and symptoms that a person will notice in the individual that is suffering from these problems. Depression is a condition that is no different, and it has its own set of warning signs that others generally
notice when a friend or family member is suffering from the symptoms of depression. One thing that is often noticed is the depressed person will begin to withdraw from regular activities, dinners, and other things of that nature that used to be a normal part of the individual’s life. Family members will often notice that the person begins to be less outgoing and as interactive as they once were.

They may begin to make excuses to stay home from work, or go to important appointments, and many times they will either start sleeping quite a bit more than they used to, or they will begin to have problems in getting an adequate amount of sleep. Children of depressed parents will often notice big changes in the amount of time that the parent who is suffering depression spends with them, and often leaves them feelings as if they have done something wrong.


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