Is There an Impact on Family Members of Depressed Individuals?

Depression is an illness that has a huge impact on the family members and the friends of an individual who is suffering from this type of illness. This is especially true when it comes to the children who have a parent that is showing signs of being depressed.

In many cases, activities, family outings, or even small get-togethers that have been planned are avoided by people who are suffering from depression. Children are the ones who are impacted the hardest because they do not have the ability to figure out what exactly is going on. When a child has parents that normally take part with them in various types of sports activities, playing games together, play wrestling, and other activities of this nature, and then the attention suddenly comes to a complete stop, it can be extremely difficult for a child to understand what exactly has caused this change to take place.

There are many times that the child will feel that they have done something wrong to cause this problem, they generally feel as if they are being neglected, and in some cases, the child will act out as a way to get attention.


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