Does Being Divorced or Separated Cause a Higher Risk For Depression?

Some people may be surprised to hear that depression is a condition that occurs much more frequently in individuals that have either been separated from their spouse or partner, and in individuals that have divorced their spouse, than in couples that are still together. Another factor that raises the chances for an individual to end up suffering from depression by a large amount is in women who are living in a marriage relationship, or partnership that is unhappy or unhealthy. There are several different factors that are involved in a healthy marriage relationship or partnership that have proven to have the ability to cause a reduction for the chances that an individual has for suffering from depression. Some of the important factors would include relationships that include healthy amounts of intimacy, relationships that involve an open communication for each partner, and relationships that involve an atmosphere of care, love, and concern for each partner.   

It has been proven that the chances are much higher when an individual is involved in a marriage or a relationship that does not include healthy amounts of love, affection, intimacy, regular communication, and the positive feelings of being content and having security and stability.


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