Depression and the Affects That Abuse Can Cause

Abuse is a serious problem that shows to have a huge impact on a large number of women all around the world that end up facing the symptoms that are commonly associated with various types of depression. In various studies that have been performed, information has been obtained that indicates that there is a much higher likelihood of clinical depression in women that have suffered from abuse such as molestation during their childhood years, than in the women that have not. Many studies have also shown that there is a higher likelihood of women suffering from the condition of depression when they have been raped during their teen years or as an adult, than in the women that have not suffered this type of abuse. Physical abuse is another serious problem that women are much more likely to experience than men.   

These forms of abuse could very well be one of the reasons that the occurrence of the symptoms of depression is higher in women, than they are in men. Other factors that are being studied include women that grow up in an atmosphere of a dysfunctional family, and harassment that occurs in the work environment.


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