Common Treatment Options for Individuals with Bipolar Disorder

Due to bipolar disorder being an illness to the brain, it is usually classified as a mental or psychiatric disorder.  Scientific research classifies it as a medical condition with all the evidence that shows all the signs of imbalanced neurotransmitters within a person’s brain.

Treatment plans for a person with bipolar disorders usually consist of medications and at times psychological therapies.  If a person cannot reach the point of becoming stable, psychiatric hospitalization might be necessary.

The main goal with the medications is to help stabilize the person’s mood swings of depression and/or mania.  Medications for a person with bipolar disorder are:
  •     Mood Stabilizer
  •     Antidepressant
  •     Anti-Anxiety and Sedative
  •     Calcium Channel Blocker
  •     Antipsychotics
Psychological Therapy is also another treatment option for a person that is suffering from bipolar disorder.  The following therapies are commonly used to help treat bipolar disorder:
  •     Talkative Therapy
  •     Group Therapy
  •     Cognitive Behavioral
  •     Family/Marriage Therapy
  •     Psychoanalytic
  •     Gestalt
  •     Dialectical Behavioral Therapies
When a person experiences a major episode, they may be placed in a psychiatric hospital for evaluation and monitoring, especially when having thoughts of suicide.


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